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soccer team training camps

soccer team training

Skills. Attitude. Teamwork.

That's what gives top goalkeepers a competitive edge. As a Soccer Goalkeeper, you play a unique and pivotal role on the field that requires special skills, a gritty tough mindedness and the ability to work within the team environment. Because as a Soccer Goalkeeper, your responsibilities are so distinct from those of the field players, the individualized coaching you need to maximize your skills is often unavailable at team practices.

The keeper is a team member and must fit into a team concept, yet the keeper's skills are in large different and require specialized training. Ultimately, the art of goalkeeping can either waste the efforts of an entire team or make a whole team better by allowing it to reach its full potential.

By Appointment Only.
Please call 408-997-7775 to set up time, date and location

     Minimum ten players
     Cost: $40.00 per player for a two hour session

Goalkeeper Camps

Mary Harvery, 1991 World Champion U.S. Women's Team, 1996 Olympic Gold Medalist, voted Top Goalkeeper in the world in 1992. She was the first academy member in 1980, as a junior in High School.

"David Gold is the best goolkeeper coach I've ever worked with. Without him, I wouldn't be where I am today." - Mary

Focused Curriculum

Gold'n'Gloves Goalkeeping Academies focus on 12 primary topics that we refer to as "Key Considerations." During the course of a given Academy, players can be evaluated on each topic and emphasis is then placed on each player's areas of weakness.

Top Teachers
Each academy is administered and taught by David Gold and his staff. So you'll learn from teachers who have tempered their skills, techniques and tricks in the fire of national and international competition.


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